Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm kind of into Jeffrey Smart

Recently, I enjoyed watching an Australian painter Jeffrey Smart paintings, which is in someways has changed my perspective how to shoot in color, haven't said yet his paintings can be a good reference for someone who wants to shoot in color. His paintings is all about color, scale, spaces, human figures with their clich├ęs, and composition as opposed to realism. Jeffrey Smart paintings also has power to urbanise the non-urban landscape. Essentially, Smart give the viewer a sense of scale or to the architecture in his images, which is has touched me down and I feel new worlds of observation opening up for me.

..these are the best I could get (I know it's a bit parke-ish, but I just couldn't help myself)


  1. I'm not really into paintings but I gotta say Smart's choice of subject matter and his color palettes are kind of interesting, at least from photographic point of view. The scene in the second painting could make a pretty nice street photograph too. Thanks for the reference, mate! Your 2nd and 3rd photos, by the way, totally rock! The way the light falls on the leaves actually make the tree in the second photo looks a bit like a painting. Love the reds in both pictures!

  2. strathfield car radios, YESSSS!!! parke-ish? dude, you`re in australia, might as well take advantage of the light :P, also love everything on number two. btw, the strathfield shot, mind to teach me how to get that kind of look? :D

  3. oooppsss, sorry, meant number three

  4. gotta agree with wid... those trolley photo are awesome!!


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