Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ada korelasi yang tidak beralamat ketika saya memperhatikan foto sendiri, dengan sebuah isi dari komik Homunculus karya Hideo Yamamoto.


  1. Karolus Naga: No, no.. maybe I'll say it's only an illusion.. ;)

  2. i will put a hole on my head just to see monroe, if it works just like on that manga

    i will ... with no doubt!!

  3. @ Esa: Send me your Kodak Ektar immediately!!! ;|
    @ Naga: then have a go! but make sure to find a great Alchemist not the fake one.. haha :P

  4. what, you dont have ektar there?!?! :P
    you kick ass without ektar. i can have all the film i want here, yet none of my shot as good as yours

  5. get off?!?! there is no definition of 'good' these days.. :P


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