Saturday, April 4, 2009

In the end photography is no more than worthless..

Wed 01 04 2009

Last Wednesday I went to the one of cheapest bookstore in Sydney named Basement Books, I bought an interesting Photography book by Ingeborg Tyssen with $9.95 (hardcover format, 207 pages and 9 3/4 x 14 1/2"size ) which in Rupiahs is only Rp 80.000. I'm surprisingly amazed because the price before was $65.00 so without think twice I took one (even at the time I have no idea who she is?).
This book really made my day, though I've learned something from this, art is tough on the other hand art is selfish.

Godspeed You Ingeborg Tyssen!


  1. wow lucky find!

  2. Yeah very lucky, anyway lucky is my given name. ck ck ck, but I guess you still can find this book.. :)

  3. hah di sebelah mana tuh toko, ryan? boleh juga tuh!

  4. Di central station tash, di basement arah menuju ke george street. Cepetan makanya kesini aku gak ada temen nih.. hehe ;)


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