Monday, July 6, 2009

Mt. Perisher

It was yesterday when I saw snow for the first time in my life. "Bloody oath! real snow!" I said excitedly, not the man made, not from the travel agency post-cards. Traveling with my classmate, I went to Perisher according to Wikipedia is Australia's largest skiing resort. It is located in the Australian Snowy Mountains in the southeastern corner of New South Wales, in the Snowy River Shire, about 600 kilometres southwest of Sydney. I was so exhilarating, by the view, the snow, the mountains, the cold, and other things that I can't expressed in words.

First Timer Skiers


  1. apik2!! 15 itu ada bintang jatuh yak? pake kamera apa ryan?

  2. Ha, that sure looks like a lot of fun! love 222 and 115

  3. i heard they said it aint an easy job to shot a snowy sceene, specialy in BW ...


  4. Karol Naga: Yeah, it's true! frankly, it's almost impossible just to get an accurate exposure (considered the stormy and icy weather). In this case I did bracketing a lot, and sometimes just leave +2 on P mode (God bless digital!).


  5. Arif Setiawan: Pake EOS seperti biasa.. ;-)

  6. i just found yours from Naga.

    i like the way you describe yourself,
    and your "flowing" photographs ...

    i don't know if the camera made them; but your hands and your hearts and the poet in you may have inspired the camere, if it had a mind of its own.

    happily linking yours with my JAGAT FOTOGRAFI.

  7. Eki Akhwan: Thanks for the kind words! I'll linking yours too..

  8. Wid: Yeah, indeed! thanks

    Sayoga: Bloody oath, dude! ;-)


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